About us

Our goal is to make
the process and management
of Original Instagram Content
as simple as possible

Octably P.C. was founded in August 2018 by 3 co-founders.
Spyros Avlonitis (Product Management )
Giannos Chatziagapis (Data Analysis)
Dimitris Teleioridis ( Marketing and Operations).
Octably focuses on data driven marketing.Two of the co-founders (Spyros and Giannos)
have computer engendering background while Dimitris
has worked on social media marketing before Octably
We have build and we use tools such as
  • Fake followers and likes detector
  • Followers intersection analysis (how many people see the post more than once)
  • Campaign management software
These tool help us run campaigns with ease and efficiency.
This way we can focus on the quality of the content in order to make real impact